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Every year, Slipper Club partners with a non-profit doing amazing work around Texas. Our 2020–2021
beneficiary is BOTH ENDS BELIEVING.

This year, Slipper Club has selected BEB as its beneficiary. BEB is a Dallas-based nonprofit that works to capture the digital profiles of vulnerable and orphan children through an innovative online platform. It has created a one-of-a-kind technology platform to help children living as orphans unite with families. No child is without a record or ages out of the system. 


BEB is a Dallas-based non-profit with a global impact. They have created and established a digital platform that connects children to families quickly and effectively, leaving no registered child forgotten. Designed to transform the global child welfare system permanently, CFS is the only technology platform of its kind. CFS creates a digital profiles of children living in orphanages while also creating a profile for families eager to adopt, and matches them based on a variety of secure factors. This takes the costly and time-consuming paper process of adoption and revolutionizes it with technology. 


When orphans are are placed in a nurturing family-based setting, they thrive. Rather than help one child find a family, CFS helps thousands of vulnerable children have the chance to exit orphanages into the loving arms of a family. BEB helps to shorten the length of stay for future children, driving positive systemic change in child welfare — one child at a time.  Over 20,000 children are currently being impacted by BEB and this number is growing by the day.



.Your donations go directly towards our 2020-2021 beneficiary, BEB. We are proud to support such an amazing organization, and we hope you join us.

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"Children first. Family forever."